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19419 Lincoln Heights,
Richmond, TX. 77469
Telephone:   281 989 2208
Fax:281 933 4008

JAMEMIL SERVICES - USA is a multi-disciplinary training and consulting company based in Texas United States. We provide managerial, technical and training services in Geographic Information Systems (GIS), Computer Information Systems (CIS) Management Information Systems (MIS), Oil and Gas Exploration, Development, Basic Economics, Environmental Quality Control, Aviation Technology, and also Legislative Development and Information Systems in Evolving Democracies

In collaboration with our world-wide strategic partners including COINMAC International Inc., we also facilitate technical and managerial workshops out of our Texas office, and at off-site locations around the world. 


Why use our services?

By entrusting us with your systems integration

and training requirements, you are assured of: 

  • Timely and cost-effective completion

  • Well trained and competent professionals

  • Hitch-free implementation 

  • Effective training for all your users and managers

  • Post implementation support

  • A flexible partner to accommodate your time and budget.

 A flexible partner to accommodate your time and budget.

Featured Courses


Petroleum Sector Courses

Basic Petroleum Economics.
International Oil and Gas law.
Exploration Geophysics.
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Management Courses

Financial Management
Organizational Behavior
Human Resources Management.
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Legislative Courses

Democratic Process
Democratic Legislature
Legislative Practice.
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